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Will Verizon-version phones port to Spectrum Mobile or Unlocked only?

GregRGregR Posts: 2 Spectator
edited August 2020 in Spectrum Mobile Aug 17, 2020

Hello! I'm looking to purchase a Google Pixel 3a and they come in Unlocked or Verizon. Will a "Verizon version" Pixel 3a work on Spectrum or do I need to get an Unlocked one? Anyone using a Verizon version Pixel with success on Spectrum Mobile?



  • James_MJames_M Posts: 3,488 ADMIN
    edited August 2020 Aug 17, 2020

    To check compatibility, you can go to and select BYOD. You will need to enter the IMEI. You can also contact Spectrum Mobile directly with specific questions about compatibility. They can be reached at (833) 224-6603.

  • GregRGregR Posts: 2 Spectator
    Aug 17, 2020

    I understand the need to check IMEI, but is it generally safe to assume that if one "Verizon version" Pixel 3a phone shows as being compatible with Spectrum Mobile, then every Verizon version 3a will be similarly OK (assuming no issues/carrier-imposed locks etc)? Again, there appears to be two variants of this phone model, Unlocked and Version. Just trying to determine if I can safely purchase either variant for eventual use on Spectrum Mobile. Thanks for your help!!

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