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Confused about authorized modems and WiFi charges

Reneegogreen Posts: 4 Spectator

In order to have WiFi and not be charged $5.00 a month, I understand you need your own router compatible with Spectrum. If you use Spectrum modem with WiFi, you may get an all-in-one router/ WiFi and be charged the 5 dollars. If you don’t want the $5 charge, do you buy a modem and a router? I researched the list of authorized modems that Spectrum provides and these are modems without WiFi. So are you supposed to replace the Modem and then also get a WiFi router? Is there a list for compatible WiFi routers? or am I not understanding something?

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  • rocketjetz
    rocketjetz Posts: 161 Contributor
    Answer ✓

    if you were to get a gateway, ie a combo modem/router in one device, you can have Spectrum place the gateway in bridge mode, which basically disables the router portion of the gateway including wifi, and then attach and use your own router for wifi. hence no wifi charge.

  • rocketjetz
    rocketjetz Posts: 161 Contributor
    Answer ✓

    correct. You don't have to buy your own modem unless you want to technically be responsible for it.

    Yes, you can use the Spectrum modem supplied by Spectrum, and then buy and use your own router & wifi. Most people do this to forego the $5 wifi charge.

    The advantage to buying your own modem is that you can see the signals page so you know whats going on if you have issues. The downside to owning your own modem is that Spectrum will not provide you ant technical support for it ,as it's your modem and hence your responsibility to figure out yourself what the modem issue might be. Assuming it is a modem issue. It could be a line or tap issue which is their responsibility to fix.

    No it doesn't change your charges if you decide to own your own modem and or wifi router.

    I was using a Spectrum router with my own router and wap (wifi access points) .

    I decided I didn't want to mess with my router and wifi config anymore so Spectrum sent me a Spectrum Modem and Router (2 pieces) and I now pay $5 for their wifi.


  • RAIST5150
    RAIST5150 Posts: 918 Contributor

    You can basically use any router, just make sure it has a gigabit internet (WAN) port (they are pushing the standard tier to 200mbps, so the older 10/100 ports will bottleneck things).

    If they issued you a combo unit, you do not "have" to get them to swap it to a regular modem. They can set the bridge mode on it so that it functions as a standalone modem. Having a standalone modem may be more ideal though (power consumption, size, etc).

  • Reneegogreen
    Reneegogreen Posts: 4 Spectator

    So I don’t need to buy a modem if I want to use my own WiFi router. I can use the Spectrum modem and just get any WiFi router with gigabyte internet (WAN)? What is the advantage then of buying a compatible Modem? It doesn’t change your charges does it?

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