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How can I pause and rewind live TV using the Spectrum TV app?
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Troubleshooting issues with the My Spectrum App

James_MJames_M Posts: 4,036 ADMIN
edited May 2022 in Troubleshooting the My Spectrum App Jun 03, 2021

Deleting and reinstalling the app usually resolves most issues.

For assistance with the app, including creating a username and sign-in help, see this link:

My Spectrum App: Download and Get Started

Some customers may see an alert message regarding a "Customized Device Agreement" The message alerts the user that one of the following conditions was detected

If USB debugging is enabled, you can disable USB debugging and try making a payment again.

If your device is rooted or jailbroken, the message is letting you know that you may be open to security vulnerabilities when using a jailbroken or rooted device, or a device where USB debugging is enabled to make payments. The message is meant to inform you of the risk of using bill pay on a rooted or jailbroken device. You can accept the agreement, or you can try using another device.

If you are getting a different message, error message or are unable to use the app to make a payment, please visit How to Pay Your Bill, which outlines other ways to pay your bill and provides answers to frequently asked questions.

If you need direct assistance, please post a new question (select "Ask a Question"). Please include helpful information, such as if you are getting an error code. Please do not include private information in your public post.

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