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Feedback-Arris 3600M boxes run too slowly on Spectrum Guide Cisco/Technicolor 9685 Boxes Fine

Satch Posts: 5,200 Contributor

This is feedback on the new Spectrum Guide from customers that I know in Ohio, New York, and California markets.

If they have an Arris 3600 model DVR that has been converted overnight to Spectrum Guide, or they get an Arris 3600 M box from a Spectrum Guide office already on it, the boxes are slow to respond. For example, it can take up to three seconds for the guide to open using the remote control such as the popular Backlite model.

In contrast, customers with a 9865 Cisco/Technocolor box do not have these slowdowns if they get an overnight update from ODN to Spectrum Guide or get a Cisco Technicolor box from a Spectrum Office with Spectrum Guide on it.

Please forward this feedback to the Spectrum Guide Development Team.



  • Randy_S
    Randy_S Posts: 514 Spectrum Employee

    Thank you, Satch. I will pass along the feedback.

  • TerryOregon
    TerryOregon Posts: 15 Participant

    The Arris DCX3520e-M is also rather poky at various functions.

  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,200 Contributor

    Thanks @TerryOregon,

    I would ask the Spectrum moderator team to please watch this topic and send feedback to the team because there are a lot of little things that don't run so smoothly with the Arris boxes running Spectrum Guide. It is not only in the states that I mentioned above, it is a nationwide issue of "little" things where the Spectrum Guide on the Arris hardware is not as responsive as it should be with remote commands.

    Another customer told me that in using the Clickr Backlite remote with Spectrum Guide on an Arris box, that she was having a very difficult time rewinding and fast forwarding her DVR recordings. There would be several seconds of wait time between when she would press the remote button and there would be a response from the Arris reciver. It's as if the Arris boxes have to "think" about a remote control command before actually doing that command. This is defintely a nationwide problem with Spectrum Guide on these boxes. Not enough to be "severe." But definitely enough to be annoying for people who simply want to watch TV with an Arris box that runs Spectrum Guide, and have quick responses from the remote. A future software update for the Arris boxes running Spectrum Guide needs to improve remote responses and navigation speed.


  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,200 Contributor

    Correction: Post title should read "Cisco/ Technicolor" 9865 box, not 9685 box.


  • Scott_dj
    Scott_dj Posts: 22 Contributor
    edited January 2022

    Hey may remember me from several months back. I was literally about to ask what the latest is on that Spectrum guide deploy over the old hardware. It sounds like your personal device was hit. I remember you saying that the Arris devices were affected a lot more than the Technicolor ones...just like you reported. My DTV Stream.trial (movie channels) ends in a couple I may jump back to Spectrum. It sure does seem like the personal DVRs are being targeted and slowly taken out of commission in an obvious attempt to move people to the (not all positive) features of cloud services.

    Interestingly, I'm visiting my parents in California (Dan Diego) and they have a Worldbox hardware DVR box but the old (and preferred) ODN guide is on it. In Florida, all those boxes have the Spectrum guide that I've seen, so it must vary by area.

    If I do go back, I'll try to hold off 'til my store gets another Technicolor DVR.

  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,200 Contributor

    Welcome back @Scott_dj!

    No, I still run ODN on the 9865 box. If you go back to Spectrum Cable TV service, I would try to get a Cisco/Technocolor 9865 box or a World Box. Both will have new Spectrum Guide on them most likley.

    It's rare now, but check out World Boxes with ODN Navigator on them. Everyone says that they are lighting fast! 4 tuners for all World Boxes, regardless of guide. Six tuners for Arris 3600M and Cisco 9865 boxes if they run ODN. If they run Spectrum Guide, four tuners.


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