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POP3/IMAP access isn't turned on for the account below.

biochemguybiochemguy Posts: 4 Spectator
edited December 2022 in Spectrum Archives: 2020 - Present Mar 03, 2022

I have had the same "Charter" email for over 20 years. Suddenly last night it stopped sending and receiving and the error message above displays on my Samsung S20+. My home pc wants me to sign in as well, but does not connect to this email.

I have two email addresses with Spectrum. Both have the same settings, but only one functions. Ideas? I have talked to Spectrum and they don't have an answer.


  • Anthony_VAnthony_V Posts: 76 Moderator
    Mar 03, 2022

    Hello and welcome to the Community!

    With the email address in question are you able to sign in and access the email account at ?

    • Anthony
  • biochemguybiochemguy Posts: 4 Spectator
    Mar 04, 2022

    No luck. Bank account hacked last week. Don't know if they are related somehow.

  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 560 Moderator
    Mar 05, 2022

    Do you get an error when you sign in at Have you tried resetting your password?

  • biochemguybiochemguy Posts: 4 Spectator
    Mar 06, 2022

    i can't login in no matter what. I believe my old email acccount is gone forever. The real bummer is there was no warning at all. The positive is that my email has been pawned so many times that I recieved about 500 spam messages a week. I recently had a fraud occurrence with my bank account, so all things considered it may be for the best.

  • Heather_THeather_T Posts: 121 Contributor
    Mar 07, 2022

    That's definitely frustrating for sure but we do want to make sure you're able to access your email accounts. Do you receive an error message or code if you click on Forgot Email Password under and enter your email address and modem MAC address?

  • biochemguybiochemguy Posts: 4 Spectator
    Mar 07, 2022

    I have another charter email account I set up when I moved to my new house 3 years ago. I am using that now. It's unfortunate because I had many important subfolders that were lost.

  • Valleycat_7Valleycat_7 Posts: 1 Newcomer
    Mar 09, 2022

    At the same time, I started receiving this same error message. Is there a resolution yet?

  • James_MJames_M Posts: 3,953 ADMIN
    Mar 09, 2022


    Hi and welcome! While issues may appear similar, they are typically individual issues. If you still need assistance with an email issue, we encourage you to start a new post and include the specific error message as well as troubleshooting completed. Thanks!

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