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Getting "App Unavailable" message when trying to login to Spectrum App

0833ravine0833ravine Posts: 3 Spectator
edited August 2022 in Spectrum Archives: 2020 - Present May 19, 2022

We have a Spectrum Enterprise account and are trying to use the Spectrum App with ROKU. It is a ROKU 4k stick. After entering our login credentials for the Spectrum app (we are sure that the credentials we entered are correct) a blue screen pops up that says, " APP UNAVAILABLE. The account holder has either blocked access to this feature or does not subscribe to an eligible video package". We have not blocked access and we've been told our video package is sufficient..

We are confident that signal strength to the ROKU is good as all other apps on ROKU function well. We are stumped. Having the capability to use the SIMPLE Roku remote in our location for senior citizens is important to us.

Any help is appreciated.

Best Answer

  • Randy_SRandy_S Posts: 463 Moderator
    May 19, 2022 Answer ✓

    Good afternoon, @0833ravine! Welcome to the Spectrum Community. Normally Enterprise accounts need to call in to 1-888-812-2591 (if you have a coax cable account) or 1-866-785-5681 (if you have a fiber account). We have limited access to Enterprise accounts through this channel and it sounds like you might need the entitlements on your account refreshed.

    That said, our app communicates directly with your hardware (modem) so many times rebooting the modem will clear out the cobwebs. If you haven't done that yet, give it a shot. If you have and its still being difficult, just give us a call at the number(s) above and we will get it taken care of for you.

    I apologize for the aggravation but thank you for letting us know.



  • 0833ravine0833ravine Posts: 3 Spectator
    May 20, 2022

    Thank you. We'll give this a try.

  • 0833ravine0833ravine Posts: 3 Spectator
    May 20, 2022

    Thanks Randy. I followed your advice in both instances. Clearing cache in the modem with a reboot was not successful. A phone call to the numbers you provided led to the same response from tech supporters which is that the Spectrum App is no longer available or supported for ANY type of account, whether that be Enterprise or residential. None of the supporters indicated that there were any "entitlements" that needed cleared for it to work for us. None of the tech supporters REALLY knew any detail about why the APP is no longer supported, but each did a Google search to find 2 year old information online...and not from their own knowledge base.

    Of course I know Spectrum customers (residential) that ARE successfully using the Spectrum App, but we are being told that may be because they were "grandfathered" in.

    This has been a very frustrating journey as Spectrum tech support never really seem to be SURE or confident of what they are telling me.

  • Randy_SRandy_S Posts: 463 Moderator
    May 23, 2022

    My apologies for the frustration and I am not sure why you were told the app wasn't supported. I did some more digging and yes, enterprise accounts do not have access to TV streaming through the residential Spectrum TV App (STVA).

    I apologize for not having that info handy with my first response. I did find out that the Spectrum Enterprise TV (TVSA, totally different app) does have channel availability is based on the hotel or hospital’s video subscription.

    There is actually a completely different app for enterprise accounts and that would have to be set up by an Enterprise agent to work with the video services you have on your account. If your current TV services aren't a qualifying package entitling you to stream, then you would need to upgrade to have that ability.

    The rebooting steps are always a good first step but again, I apologize for not having all this info for you with my first response.


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