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Installing my own router

bobrunner1bobrunner1 Posts: 12 Participant
edited December 2022 in Spectrum Archives: 2020 - Present May 21, 2022

With the lack of the 2.4ghz on the new Spectrum router I need to buy my own. Question, if I buy a WAVLINK AC3200 Dual Band WiFi Router,Smart Gigabit Router with Display,5Ghz/2.4Ghz, will this connect to the existing Spectrum modem? Also do I need to contact Spectrum to make any techical changes on their end?


  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 613 Moderator
    May 21, 2022

    Hi @bobrunner1!

    Our new routers do still have 2.4Ghz WiFi, it is just broadcast under the same network name as the 5Ghz. Devices will connect to which has the strongest signal, usually 5Ghz when close or 2.4Ghz when further away. If you have 2.4Ghz only devices which do not have their own interface to choose your network and type in a password from, and instead connect through an app on a smart phone or other device that has 5Ghz, the simplest solution is to move further away with the phone so it switches to 2.4Ghz (you will usually see your speed drop to ~50 Mb/s when on 2.4Ghz,) and then you should be able to use the app to connect those devices.

    If you do still wish to use your own router, there are no restrictions on the type of router you can use. There are no technical changes needed, but if you are currently using our WiFi you would want to return the router and request the removal of WiFi service as there is a $5/month charge for that.

  • bobrunner1bobrunner1 Posts: 12 Participant
    May 21, 2022

    Spent an hour trying to connect to the smart plug/s. Testing speed on cell phone well below ~50 Mb/s. Had phone on airplane mode. No connection. These are the same units and process used when the original router with no issue and would connect in seconds. The new routers do not work with devises that only connect to 2.4Ghz, it seems. So many other comments state the same thing. Looks like Spectrum just wants us to buy our own router.

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