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Hide unsubscribed and unwanted channels from guide

lesliehleslieh Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited December 2022 in Spectrum Archives: 2020 - Present Jun 04, 2022

Hello, I understand how to block adult content. I am interested in hiding unsubscribed and unwanted channels so that I can scroll through the guide without seeing all of the unwanted channels. I understand that I can select favorite channels, and have that group separate from the 'all' group. I have a black remote with TV INPUT ALL at the top.


  • LGTLGT Posts: 141 Contributor
    Jun 04, 2022

    You can eliminate channels that you don't subscribe to from the guide, but you cannot just get rid of unwanted channels. To get rid of unsubscribed channels press guide on your remote to bring up the guide and then press guide again to bring up a menu that will have "subscribed" as one of the options. Choosing that will list only subscribed channels on your guide. This works on my box, I don't know if it is different on different boxes. Unfortunately there is no way I have found to get rid of unwanted channels so you are still forced to see all the shopping channels and other useless stuff provided.

    It would be nice Spectrum if you did provide an option so the guide shows only wanted channels, Hint Hint.

  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 560 Moderator
    Jun 05, 2022

    Hi @leslieh, welcome to our community! As you mentioned we do offer the ability to mark channels as favorites. Once you have marked a channel as favorite you can change your guide filter to show favorites or only subscribed channels. We would have no other way to know what channels you want to see. You can find information on setting and viewing favorited channels by visiting the Spectrum Guide FAQ

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