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How do I upgrade my email address from

Bozsin0604 Posts: 2 Spectator


  • Bozsin0604
    Bozsin0604 Posts: 2 Spectator

    I'm not technical when it comes to this. I have Outlook with an address. How do I upgrade my address and will I loose all my emails and contacts in Outlook? I assume I'll have to send everyone my new email?

  • James_M
    James_M Posts: 4,767 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator

    Hi and welcome!

    I started a new post since your question is similar, but different than the one where you posted originally. Some legacy Adelphia customers also have a linked or mirrored email account with the domain "", with the same username as the original email. Passwords should be the same. These emails work by pointing the email to the email.

    You can check by either going to or Spectrum webmail and try logging in using and your password (the items in bold would be same as what you use for the email). If you see your emails and contacts on your email, then you should be pretty much set.

    Otherwise, you can set up a new email either through your Spectrum account, or any other email provider. You can then forward emails from the email to the new email. You can also set up a return message to let the sender know about your new email.

    It is a good idea to save your contacts and any important emails before starting this process, as a back up. However, since the email is still working, then it will continue to work. Please be aware that the domain is no longer supported, so we are unable to provide any direct assistance for email issues with If access to the email is lost for any reason, we are unable to assist since we no longer have Adelphia email tools available. I like to also point out that our email is a free service associated with an Internet subscription. If you ever cancel internet service, access to the associated email is restricted.

    I've also included a couple links including Spectrum Email Troubleshooting and Spectrum Email Reference Guide that you might find helpful.

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