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Spam email and phone?

rawlychee Posts: 1 Newcomer

I received an email confirmation from "" -- this looks fishy. Is this a legit email from Spectrum?

I received two phones calls from 'Spectrum' asking if I'd like to include TV subscription in my recently started service. But this sounded especially suspect, since looking up this number yielded nothing and upon calling back - it called a person directly. The number is +1(929) 581 0852. Is this legitimate? They knew that I had recently started a service.


Moderator's Note: Given the topic of this post, including a phishing email address and scam phone number, we are leaving those two pieces of information in this post unedited. Our Spectrum Community Guidelines are clear posts are not to include personal contact or account information. However, given that these are known spammer/scams, we will leave that info in this post. We hope that given this public space, others being contacted via this information will not fall victim to these scam attempts.



  • Randy_S
    Randy_S Posts: 514 Spectrum Employee

    Hello @rawlychee and welcome to the Spectrum Community. Unfortunately it looks like both of those are scam/spam attempts to get your information. Don't click on any links and I wouldn't call the number back.

    Some indications that it is spam is that email, after the @ sign, has an non Charter/Spectrum domain name. And we always call from our 800 numbers.

    You are wise to follow your instincts. Scammers are the worst. So glad you popped in.


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