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Is anyone else having trouble accessing Spectrum TV on their laptops and xbox one?

Kirchob Posts: 1 Newcomer

My spouse and I are trying to access Spectrum TV on our Xbox One and also on our laptops. We get the forever loading sign on our laptops and the "getting program data ready" on the xbox.

We have already:

Troubleshooted by uninstalling and reinstalling on the xbox

Power Cycled the Xbox

Checked our internet connectivity: everything else works, no issues with other apps or getting onto other websites

We also, in an effort to access a football game through NFL +, tried to connect to our cable provider and account but NFL cannot connect to our account or will not and NFL+ ends up freezing or just telling us to connect to our account to access the games (the home page of NFL + loads, we just can't get access to live games)

Is there anything else we've forgotten? Or is this something going on with Spectrum TV itself??


  • Renee_T
    Renee_T Posts: 702 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator

    Hello @Kirchob !

    Welcome to our community! I'm sorry to hear about the app issues. If you haven't done it yet, I would recommend rebooting the modem and router. A lot of the time when there's issues with that login process, it's an issue with your modem not being able to authenticate things properly and rebooting it will clear it up most of the time.

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