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1080P output resolution selection missing even though cable box has the ability..



  • Tom63010Tom63010 Posts: 37 Contributor
    Nov 03, 2022

    All this boils down to is A. The boxes I have will upscale to 1080P B. Spectrum has chosen in their wisdom to take away the 1080P resolution that used to be there.

  • HT_GreenfieldHT_Greenfield Posts: 193 Contributor
    Nov 05, 2022

    Hey Tom. Just curious if the Spectrum Guide code modules running on that DCX-3520 will allow native mode to hold when connected to the 4K TV. If you don’t mind trying that. Change the output to Native in settings mode User Settings then, in normal mode, see if the TV telemetry reflects 1080i input for channels like Discovery & History & Hallmark as well as 720p for channels like ESPN & Fox & FX & FXM. Or does the cable receiver still revert to strict 1080i output? Just out of curiosity.

  • Tom63010Tom63010 Posts: 37 Contributor
    edited November 2022 Nov 05, 2022

    HT_Greenfield I selected Native when I turned on the TV ALL stations are 1080i.

    I went back into the Native Mode Settings Menu and I get choices of 1080p 60fps, 1080p 30fps, 1080p 24fps, 1080i,720p,480p, &480i each has an X beside them initially. I tried removing all the Xs except 1080p 60 fps but a message popped up: Must keep one non-1080p format so I also put an X by 720p. When I turned on the cable box and TV the resolution was 1080i.

    Next I set resolution for 720p in the Spectrum menu resolution.. I then repeated the steps I had done previously I kept the 1080p 60fps checked but instead of selecting 720p with it I selected 480p instead. I turned on the cable box and my resolution is 1080i again.

    I changed my resolution to 720p in the Spectrum Menu. I then turned on cable box and in settings mode Native mode selection has been changed to 720p, the selection I made in the Spectrum Menu.

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