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Why am I blocked from my

JWigginsJWiggins Posts: 4 Spectator
edited December 2022 in Connectivity Nov 09, 2022

I have a business account with verizon wireless. I can login at my office with my laptop, but when I come home (and use the same laptop) I am unable to login. I tried logging in from my desktop computer (at home) and have the same issue.

I can only access the site on my phone, if I disconnect from wifi and use my cellular data.

The common theme is my connection at home with Spectrum.

I have unplugged my router and modem to reset them, but no luck.



  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 559 Moderator
    Nov 09, 2022

    Hi @JWiggins, welcome to our community!

    Are you unable to get to the login page at all? Do you get any error messages?

  • JWigginsJWiggins Posts: 4 Spectator
    Nov 09, 2022

    Thanks for the welcome.

    First of all, the issue only happens when I am working at home whether I am on my work laptop, my home desktop or my cell phone.

    1) I am able to get to the login screen

    2) I am able to type in my user name and password

    3) When I click on login, I get the an error message (screen shot attached).

    4) When I click on "back to login page", it will allow me to enter my user name and password again. When I click on login, it just pinwheels and never connects.

    5) I can access the Verizon Business APP on my phone when connected to my home WiFi

    6) I can access the site on Safari only if I am using cellular service.

    7) The only thing that is different is Spectrum

  • Paul_BPaul_B Posts: 577 Moderator
    Nov 10, 2022

    Hello @JWiggins

    Thank you for the screenshot. I can't think of anything on this end that would cause that. If you are able to reach the page you should be able to log in. Have you reached out to your IT team by chance to see if there is some firewall or security in place that would prevent you from logging in from a location other than from work?


  • JWigginsJWiggins Posts: 4 Spectator
    Nov 10, 2022

    Thanks Paul. Although I did check with IT, it shouldn't make a difference because I wasn't able to access on my personal desktop computer (not associated with work in any way, shape or form) nor from my iPhone (unless I used cellular data). It seems that the only common thread between all 3 devices is my Spectrum connection.

  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 559 Moderator
    Nov 11, 2022

    I recommend bypassing your router by connecting your laptop directly to the modem with an ethernet cable, reboot the modem, and then once internet comes back check if you can log in. Try pausing any VPN, Proxy, Antivirus/firewall software you have running. If you have changed your DNS server settings please try setting that to acquire automatically. Try using a browser in Incognito mode.

    If the issue persists I would have to recommend you contact Verizon for further assistance. The fact that you can reach the login page and get that error means we are connecting you to their servers.

  • JWigginsJWiggins Posts: 4 Spectator
    Nov 11, 2022

    Thanks for your suggestion. I will see if I can connect directly through the modem.

    I have already tried incognito mode as well as three different browsers (and yes, I have cleared my cash). I have spoken with Verizon (got escalated to tier 2) and basically they were absolutely no help. Interestingly, I am able to connect to my PERSONAL verizon wireless acccount ( It's just the website that has the issue. Go figure

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