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Email Sending' Getting Error Code (0x800CCC6F)

jachurch22 Posts: 1 Newcomer

After several weeks of smooth email receipt and sending with my account, I received the following message: Sending' reported error (0x800CCC6F) : 'Your outgoing (SMTP) email server has reported an internal error. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).  This is in the Twin Cities metro area, Minnesota.



  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,311 Contributor

    Hello Jay,

    Welcome to the forums!

    This message could be a problem with Spectrum's e-mail servers. If you continue to receive this error after 24 hours have elapsed, I would suggest clearing the cookies and cache on your devices for anything related to Spectrum, Brighthouse Networks, or Time Warner Cable.

    After clearing your cookies and cache, close out of everything and reboot your devices. Post back if the issue still persists. You will need to re-log in to your account.


  • Randy_S
    Randy_S Posts: 514 Spectrum Employee

    @jachurch22, welcome to the Spectrum community. Satch has given a good first step and I look forward to hearing if that helped.

    I also edited the title of your post to reflect the issue at hand in case others have ideas or ways to help. Also, to let anyone who may be having the same issue know that it is being specifically addressed here.



  • HT_Greenfield
    HT_Greenfield Posts: 697 Contributor

    That can happen if your IP address is spam blacklisted. If you're using a VPN, try bypassing or disabling it. If, instead, your Charter Spectrum IP address is also or is instead blacklisted, you might end up having to wait for your IP address to cycle back out of blacklist territory. Otherwise post the entirety of the fault dialogue that includes the server's actual response.

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