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Is the Spectrum App on Roku down?

Streaming_PV Posts: 2 Spectator
edited September 2023 in Spectrum Archives: 2020 - Present

I have been unable to watch the Spectrum app on my Roku TV for the past 48 hours. It launches and opens like normal. You can select a channel to watch but the channel never loads. You get the dreaded spinning icon followed by an error message:

Unable to Complete Request

We're sorry, something didn't work right. Please restart your Roku device and try again. Reference code: RLP-999.

I have restarted my Roku TV a number of of times. I have checked for updates. I have uninstalled the Spectrum app, restarted the Roku and then redownloaded the Spectrum app. Did not work. I have logged out of the Spectrum App and then logged in again. Did not work.

All other streaming apps are working fine on my Roku TV. The only problem is with this Spectrum app which is arguably the service I dish out the most money on. It's very frustrating.

Best Answer

  • James_M
    James_M Posts: 4,777 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator
    Answer ✓

    Hi & welcome !

    Sorry for any issues with the app. RLP-999 is a generic connectivity error. The app authenticates through the modem and in most cases, restarting the modem resolves most errors. If you still see an error, please try restarting the Roku, only this time try restarting from the settings menu as opposed to turning off and back on.

    If the issue continues after these steps, please let us know.


  • Streaming_PV
    Streaming_PV Posts: 2 Spectator

    Thank you. Rebooting my modem and router seems to have fixed the issue. I was delaying doing this as EVERYTHING in my home is run on the wifi and I hate resetting. It does seem to have resolved my issues with the Spectrum app.

  • James_M
    James_M Posts: 4,777 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator

    Thanks for the update, glad to hear everything is working as expected again.

    Let us know anytime you have a question!

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