Xbox Series X screen cutoff on hallmark channels

The screen is cutoff when watching the hallmark channels on the Xbox series x. I know this channel does not normally extend fully, but this is actually cut off further than that. The “k” on the hallmark watermark is cut off on the right side of the screen. Is this channel half price?!


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    Welcome @Masked_Bandit,

    Some questions:

    1.) When did this start?

    2.) Is it only on Hallmark Channels?

    3.) Have you uninstalled/reinstalled the app?

    4.) Changes to X-Box settings you have made?

    5.) Installed latest software updates for equipment?

    6.) Rebooted devices?


  • Masked_Bandit
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    It has always been this way as long as I can remember, I reinstalled the app at the request of support, no change. I’ve looked through all the settings, nothing affects it. It is only on the hallmark channels, as far as I know. Yes, I’ve rebooted everything and no change. One interesting note, there was one commercial that went full screen, then it went back to being cut off.

    Are you able to test with an Xbox Series X?

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    I don't have an Xbox Series X, but there might be someone on the forum who does. If they do and it has the same result, than there is a problem with how Hallmark is sending the signal to Xbox. But if their Xbox shows a normal output, than I would suspect it is something on your end.

    If the commercial went to full screen, I am thinking that this could be a Hallmark issue with their signal. I would contact Hallmark and let them begin an investigation:


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    Edit: Just curious if all three of the Hallmark channels are covered by your subscription and appear and correctly display via the Spectrum cable TV set-top box and then also via on another device apart from the Xbox and then also via the Spectrum TV app on any device apart from the Xbox.

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    Not the Hallmark channel, but have the same issue with TCM. Chatted with Spectrum and they were unsure how to fix. Both xbox 1 and xbox series x have the issue; however, looks fine on roku.

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    Has anyone found a solution for this? Exact problem here. We have an Xbox one and only the Hallmark channel has this issue on the spectrum app. Other hallmark channels are unaffected. Both main show and commercials experiencing this issue. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Those who still have problems with Hallmark Channel or any other channel on Xbox might want to contact Microsoft's Xbox's support page here:


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    @Rreals : This shouldn't be relevant to TCM but just curious if you could pull up one of the Music Choice channels e.g. Soundscapes. It should display full screen with no distortion in any case but just curious if it does via Xbox.

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