Cable connection and Eero WiFi set up

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Hello, I have an Arris combo modem and router Model TG1672G, with connections to Spectrum via a Coaxial cable. This allows for me to have Wi-Fi, Cable TV and phone. I want to set up a Mesh Wi-Fi system such as Eero. What would be the best way? Do I get need to disconnect one item or change out the combo modem router to something different?


  • JEinSTL
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    Unless you're streaming your Arris isn't affiliated with your TV service.

    You need to have an ethernet cable connected to your modem to your Eero router.

    Just get a free modem from Spectrum

    And make sure your firmware is up-to-date on your Eero router.

    But keep in mind Spectrum can't troubleshoot your Eero if you have an issue with it.

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