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How do I manually do what the wireless profile installation does in the broken My Spectrum app?

ephemeral10ephemeral10 Posts: 2 Spectator
edited December 2022 in My Spectrum App - My Spectrum App Feedback Nov 21, 2022

Since the new My Spectrum app does not currently support installing the wireless profile, is there a set of manual steps that will allow me to do the same thing?

Spectrum support said to just use my Spectrum userid and password when logging into the wifi hotspot. However my phone (Android 12) required that I choose a certificate to use with that. Is there some cert. I can install into my phone's trust store so I can connect to the Spectrum wifi hotspots?


Best Answer

  • HT_GreenfieldHT_Greenfield Posts: 278 Contributor
    edited November 2022 Nov 21, 2022 Answer ✓

    If you don't see Install WiFi Profile in the latest version 10.22.0 of the My Spectrum app, you can try going directly to via browser and try installing the Wi-Fi profile package from there. There is no work-around that will have a valid private key. Otherwise just curious what was the exact SSID i.e. name of the Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspot that asked for a certificate when you tried connecting to it simply via SSID discovery & authentication. Did that happen with "Spectrum Free Trial" or "SpectrumWiFi" or "Spectrum" or what?


  • ephemeral10ephemeral10 Posts: 2 Spectator
    Nov 22, 2022

    HT_Greenfi, Thanks for your response.

    I tried in chrome on my android phone. It just directs you to the app. and does not give you any chance to install the profile.

    I don't recall the SSID that I chose exactly, but I think it was SpectrumWIFI. I know I did not choose Spectrum Free Trail.

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