Why can't Spectrum just block calls identified as spam? or are computer-generated?

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I get at least a half dozen calls labeled SPAM ringing through on my phone each day. If the call is already identified as a SPAM risk, PLEASE just block them! I have all the settings set to do that but it's not happening. In addition, I get another three or four calls each day that are spoofed -- either shows a city name or Unavailable. I miss NOMOROBO where the calls would be diverted and cut off. I'm this-close to just shutting down the number altogether because the constantly ringing phone is driving me nuts. The only reason I keep a "land line" is to have a back up phone if something goes wrong with my mobile. If you can't keep these calls from coming through, I am just going to shut off the ringer on all the phones. So annoying that I couldn't get a live person on your customer contact number because there are no options for digital phone complaints! And you CHARGE for tech support!

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    Hello @JoyRiderLkwd

    Welcome to our community! I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the home phone. When calling in, we do not charge for tech support. The only way you would be charged when calling in is if you are making a payment on your bill through a live agent as opposed to the phone menu or our My Spectrum app/our website. You should be able to reach a live agent in our phone support by saying home phone.

    Some of our community members are great with options for the home phone settings and other tricks to try to help with the spam calls. @Satch do you have any ideas?

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    Hello @Renee_T and @JoyRiderLkwd,

    When Call Guard came out years ago, I had to re-set up Nomorrobo to get my calls to be blocked. You will need to go through the steps to re-activate Nomorobo on your landline, because you will need to re-activate Simultanious Ring in your Spectrum Voice settings, (Nomorobo won't work unless you re-activate it.) Here is how to set up Nomorobo, you can combine it with Call Guard:

    Remember to go to Spectrum Voice Settings and turn on Simultaneous Ring if Nomorobo has not done it for you in completing the steps!

    Give it about 8-24 hours for it to start working. In both instances with Call Guard and Nomorobo, you will need to have the phone ring once in order for the call to be screened. (There is no workaround for that.) If the calls are coming up Spam Risk or are not able to leave messages, its working properly. If the callers can leave messages, file a Spam Report with Spectrum here:

    I don't recall any spam calls getting through for a number of months by combining Call Guard with Nomorobo.

    If you hate the one ring screening option, unfortunately, you may have to switch phone carriers. Community Phone works without Internet and has a high rating. But it is like twice the price of Spectrum Voice, Prices start at $40 a month. I read that you need to go up to their next level of service, which is about $48 a month for call blocking. If you take their next level of call blocking, all callers have to press "1" to get through to you, and all Spam/Telemarketer calls are stopped. Here is their site:

    Not trying to convince you to switch phone providers, I still think Spectrum Voice is the greatest phone service on the market and for me, everything gets blocked. The only reason I am posting a competitor is if you hate the one-ring option going through for call screening, Community Phone has a direct blocking option, but be aware that this will set you back almost $50 a month.


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