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Why am I hearing that some of my Disney-owned TV channels, including ESPN, may go away?



  • jeff92563
    jeff92563 Posts: 1 Spectator

    I think spectrum should be ashamed of itself for taking ESPN away from us after charging us for it. We should all look into beast TV it's much cheaper and gives you much better programming.

  • Irate_tennis_fan
    Irate_tennis_fan Posts: 1 Newcomer

    $3000 a year... and you don't provide the service. I am an IRATE - not like the US Open is just two weeks of the year. After three decades with you, you have driven me away. I can go find my sports elsewhere without this aggravation. Spectrum and Disney better find some grown ups to get the room tonight because this is not customer service. Deliver on your promise - we pay for channels and services, and you aren't providing. You aren't getting paid this month, and you are losing a customer. Hello YouTubeTV. Hello Hulu.

  • Wil7_
    Wil7_ Posts: 1 Newcomer

    So we recently lost channels and monthly cost was increased as of August, now this. The facts are that these two multi-billion dollar companies are squabbling about revenue as we the consumer get the short end of the stick. Shame to both

  • IanD44
    IanD44 Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Looks like no choice from here. Huge let down by Spectrum. Will have to cancel Spectrum cable and Internet. I was actually just about to switch my and my wife’s phone service to spectrum, too. Looks like I will not be doing that and instead canceling all spectrum and finding new ISP and streaming service. What did spectrum think the result of this would be? People realizing they can get the same channels they watch paying less through streaming service. Nailed it!

  • Irishlady
    Irishlady Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Please bring bback abc

  • PSUfan
    PSUfan Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Spectrum is 100% at fault here. I pay Spectrum. Spectrum provides the channels. It is up to Spectrum to negotiate the deals. Billion dollar companies bearing their chests at each other. I've signed up for YouTube TV last night once the blackout occurred. I signed up for an alternative internet provider and once that is set up on Tuesday, I'm out.

  • RVinSC
    RVinSC Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Tuned in to warch a college football last nite and found ESPN disabled. A message from Spectrum blamed Disney, the owner of ESPN. My perspective is different! I'm paying for my cable service to get the channels I was promised and that I want. Spectrum - Get back the ESPN channels ASAP or I will cancel my Spectrum service and access those channels through another provider!

  • jww2
    jww2 Posts: 8 Participant

    Spectrum, YOU screwed up! You knew this could happen & didn't warn us. AND, you have the gall to refer us to Fubu where we'd have to pay more money to see channels that we are already paying for with you! Are you going to provide any sort of refund not failing to provide the service that I signed up for and am paying for?

  • Noles
    Noles Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I will be switching to AT& T if my ESPN is not restored by close of business today.

  • rookitchen
    rookitchen Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I like how they pulled this programming because it would increase our bill, but after pulling the programming my bill does not go down. Wasn't I paying for this programming before? Spectrum is pocketing the money. Also, there are plenty of channels they could pull that I currently don't watch but still pay for. Also, I like how they make it so easy to complain to disney, but if you try to complain to them you are sent to the public forums.

  • Angelabygrace
    Angelabygrace Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I think Disney and all its channels are to blame-they waited til football season, they're holding out on the deal, they pulled their channels. I don't like that our rates were raised to these levels but I do believe Spectrum is attempting to get a fair deal; they're the ones that'd lose customers. Disney and ESPN are raising all their rates, everywhere; look at the timing: it's the start of football season. It IS petty, even disgraceful that these multi-trillion dollar companies are price gouging children's programming and sports and removed their programming. It's also wrong they're holding them hostage from paying customers during negotiations-especially at this time of high inflation! Bye Disney and ESPN. Done with your poor choices all around. I think Spectrum should automatically give us discounts for programming we lost and offer alternative programming and/or packages in the meantime. Perhaps customer could even choose their own channels.

  • JRN79
    JRN79 Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Like someone just said...I pay Spectrum for the channels they promised when I signed up. So that's on them, not Disney. If they don't fix this by EoD I will be another one who cancels the subscription. Disney programming has gone downhill anyway, ESPN is the only reason everyone is angry. FIX IT or lose business

  • domer
    domer Posts: 1 Newcomer

    If my Spectrum rate goes up as a result of this, I'm moving to ATT Fiber who's box is in my front yard. Spectrum should instead get rid of channels no one watches

  • GAFster
    GAFster Posts: 1 Newcomer

    You constantly raise our rates and pay your CEO $39M a year and yet when Disney raises its rates, you won't pay. I guess that's a message to your customers - if you don't like the rate increase, don't pay! So I will drop your ass and sign up with Disney directly!

  • audirt
    audirt Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I see a lot of comments saying "I don't watch those channels anyway".

    Well, that's completely false for my house. ESPN, FX, and the Disney Channels are all on heavy rotation in my house.

    Spectrum, your competitors have figured out deals with Disney. You seem to be the one with the problem.

    Get them back by next weekend or we'll be gone. And I think you owe customers a credit since a huge chunk of our lineup is gone.

  • ESPN_back_on_air_NOW

    I’ll be concise. Spectrum sucks!

    Net Promoter Score = 0.00

  • scottobb7204
    scottobb7204 Posts: 1 Spectator

    Will spectrum credit the accounts of all the Disney channels not being shown? Regardless of issue between spectrum and Disney, spectrum is still charging its customers as if they have access to it.

  • Dewet
    Dewet Posts: 2 Spectator

    I am already paying for a bunch of crap channels that spectrum forces on me with their package Then they pull this crap and blame it on Disney. How about allowing consumers to pick the channels they want and give Disney what they are asking for

    I have 6 or more Spanish channels that I never watch Spectrum sucks

  • moxie
    moxie Posts: 1 Newcomer


    What a joke!

    To lose a major network ABC and other good channels I am paying for.

    I blame both Disney and Spectrum. Spectrum is who I pay not Disney

    But I see no contact info to express our anger at Spectrum.

    Does anyone know how to send message to the folks at Spectrum!!

    Our rates go up and channels disappear.


    CGACE Posts: 1 Newcomer

    YES Spectrum we should be getting a discount and it should be automatic. Day for day is how you normally provide refunds. I pay several hundred dollars a month for your service. ESPN and sports pkg are a big part…. You promised a service you need to make up for those missing channels with refunds. Biggest college football weekend of the year. I blame you SPECTRUM!!

  • pissed23_
    pissed23_ Posts: 2 Spectator

    I agree-just spent 30 min on hold with Spectrum to be told "we are looking into possibly applying discounts in the future depending on how long outage occurs" What? We are paying now for premium packaging and not getting what we pay for. This is beyond ridiculous, and customers were not given a proper heads-up on potential outage until after it occured, leaving us high and dry. Besides College football, customers are unable to watch the US Open- it's unfortunate that these events are no longer on network TV where all customers can view. I suspect many customers will be making a change to another provider.

  • pissed23_
    pissed23_ Posts: 2 Spectator

    Customers were not given proper notification that an outage may occur, leaving customers without services that THEY ARE PAYING FOR. I spoke with a Spectrum rep after a 30 min hold, and I was told "we are looking into applying discounts based on length of outage, it's only been 24 hours" What? you didn't have a discount plan arranged to placate your angry customers? Meanwhile you expect your customers to pay for premium packaging they are not receiving and take it on "faith" a discount may come.

  • Monster0
    Monster0 Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I'll admit some of the exec's at Spectrum are NO angels, but the Right-Wing Greedy Billionaires at Disney make Spectrum executives look like saints.

    This is proof of how much rich people hate the poor and downtrodden, this bullshit is about "The Almighty Dollar" and how it's being pinched out of our pockets.


  • Umakamecrazy
    Umakamecrazy Posts: 1 Spectator


  • Hersman1
    Hersman1 Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Yes, I agree that Spectrum should dump all Disney/ABC channels.....and then on top of that I believe that all subscribers to the Hulu/Disney/ESPN+ should file a class action lawsuit against Disney......

    I belive all Business customers that subscribe to Spectrum should sue Disney because last night was the opening to College Football.

    This would be an opportunity to move the dial in favor of the little guy - and as a person that wakes up and turns on Sportscenter, then Getup. and in between SEC.....I still belive that the greed has grown to a new level

    And with the fact that I also subscribe to teh Hulu/Disney/ESPN+ but I cannot watch ESPN without a TV provider makes no sense

    I belive with the amount of subscribers that Spectrum has will definetly have more of an impact against Disney than Spectrum so stand your ground

  • Micra
    Micra Posts: 3 Spectator

    I couldn’t agree more! Screw Spectrum. Where’s the link to Spectrum executives? Where the reduction in rates for not receiving these channels? What’s up with Bally Sports South showing programming on the Guide that isn’t on the channel, most notably Braves games. Turn to it and you get Poker or kayak racing or some other such crap that is useless. Can’t even watch a frigging baseball game! It’s amazing what this company expects their customers to put up with. I’m going to streaming services. What’s that? Oh yea, Spectrum has a stranglehold on internet service in my area. Screw you, Spectrum! Just yesterday no phone, no internet and no cable for 8 hours. Bet Spectrum executives will never see any of these comments. I hope there is a mass exodus from their service!!!!!! They suck!

  • Yoobes
    Yoobes Posts: 3 Spectator

    Spectrum needs to give us an update and a discount . It’s almost football Saturday so guess I need to look for other options for watching games tomorrow

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